About Uplers

  1. How many team members does Uplers have?

    Uplers has 500+ resources committed to working towards growth and development.
  2. Who exactly is Uplers?

    Uplers is one of the largest and most well-established outsourcing agencies in the industry, with 500+ resources committed to fostering growth and development. An outsourcing team that works for Facebook, Disney, Amazon & leading digital agencies, we are a global partner for your dedicated needs. We aim to empower businesses across the globe to build a better digital ecosystem.
  3. What does Uplers do?

    Uplers provides dedicated teams to companies for digital marketing, web development & marketing automation around the world.
  4. Where is Uplers located?

    Uplers has a global presence and spans across 3 continents. It has offices in San-Diego in the USA, Sydney in Australia, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and Ahmedabad & Pune in India.
  5. When was Uplers established?

    A well-established agency running successfully from the past 8 years, Uplers is the brainchild of a remarkable merger between 3 independent and successful marketing and technology companies, EmailMonks, WebbyMonks and Octos.
  6. Who are your clients?

    Uplers primarily supports digital agencies across the globe under strict NDA for their marketing & technical execution. However, we have been supporting few clients directly including Disney, Facebook, Weight Watchers, Amazon & Oracle with our marketing & technology expertise.
  7. Why should I choose Uplers?

    What you look for in an operational partner are reliability and expertise. That’s exactly what Uplers gives you. With over 8 years of experience, a team of over 500 marketers and developers, and 7000 global clients, we have helped various organizations achieve their goals, scale their operations and provide their business with an edge over the others in the market.
  8. How is Uplers different?

    What makes us unique is our army of in-house talent who when together can help you with any of your business needs. Uplers is the one-stop-shop for anything that you may ever require. From Digital Marketing to Development or Design, our in-house specialists are capable of providing all the solutions under one roof. We work with a sense of clarity & transparency. We know what we can do best and say no to everything else.
  9. How many team members does Uplers have?

    Uplers has 500+ resources committed to working towards growth and development.
  10. What is the biggest benefit of working with Uplers dedicated teams?

    Our talent has bountiful knowledge and brings on board years of experience and understanding. They are problem solvers and go-getters. Working with our dedicated teams helps you focus on growing your business. We help you save time from the hassles of recruitment, retention, and training, by taking the responsibility of the day-to-day tasks off your shoulder. Uplers teams will work as an extension to your in-house team.

Building a Team

  1. What is a dedicated team model?

    Dedicated teams model is a globally recognized model for the success of an execution strategy. A dedicated model is an agreement between the client and the service provider wherein dedicated resources are provided to the client on a full-time basis. A team that works dedicatedly to fulfill all your requirements and work as per your organization's priorities.
  2. What is a dedicated team?

    A dedicated team is your partner in achieving your business goals. They come with years of experience and profound knowledge, having catered to versatile industries over the years. The dedicated team is committed and works solely for your projects. Wherever you are in your business journey, at any stage, we can offer you a dedicated team.
  3. Who needs dedicated teams?

    Anyone from a start-up to an agency, a corporate or a business enterprise can benefit from working with dedicated teams.
  4. Who can benefit from it?

    Any startup, agency, or a leading brand that needs helping hands for scaling their business can hire a dedicated team.
  5. How does it work?

    We start by clearly understanding your business goals and your specific project needs and work accordingly to deliver the best experience to you. After looking at your requirements, we will then assign you a team that is capable and knowledgeable and can work in line with your business goals. Our Project Managers will be in touch with you at all times and update you with all the advancements in the project.
  6. What makes Uplers dedicated teams unique?

    Our dedicated teams work to make things easier for you. Our ideology is centered around helping clients overcome any hurdles. We live to solve and always approach a situation with a solution-oriented mindset.
  7. How is Uplers different from other talent marketplaces and agencies?

    Uplers takes a completely different approach. We believe in taking ownership of the work we do. We take full responsibility for your project as well as the team working on it and making sure the resource you hire gives optimum productivity.
  8. What is the difference between In-house, Remote teams and Dedicated teams?

    An?in-house team?is your internal team. Working with an in-house team is physically working and utilizing your in-house team for your projects. This is the most commonly used model across organizations. There is nothing like finding the right in-house team with the right set of skills. A?remote team?is one wherein the team works separately from a faraway or distant place. These teams work remotely and dedicatedly to a client or business on a long-term basis. A dedicated?team?is a team that works dedicatedly and solely for a client or a business. The service provider when assembling dedicated teams thoroughly assesses your business requirements and builds a custom-made team for you.
  9. What types of teams can you help me hire?

    We can help you hire specialized teams. These include:-
    1. Digital Marketing teams for SEO, SEM, and Programmatic teams.
    2. Web Development teams for HTML, WordPress, and Hubspot
    3. Design Teams for UI/UX, Web Design, and Graphic Design
    4. Marketing Automation teams for SalesForce and Marketo
    We can also help you hire cross-functional teams. This allows you to hire a mixed talent team according to your project requirements. In this case, the composition of the team is in your hands. When it comes to hiring the resource, we have categorized our talent based on Skilled, Experienced, and Expert.
  10. What does Skilled, Experienced and Expert mean?

    A?skilled resource will have hands-on experience of working on multiple campaigns from different niches and know all the campaign implementations on respective platforms. Skilled resources are good at execution and they might have limited exposure to technical strategy creation An?experienced?resource will have considerable experience of working on multiple channels for different clients and will have in-depth knowledge of platforms that enables him to be informed in platform-specific account planning and technical strategizing along with the execution. Expert?resources will have the capabilities to reverse engineer the numbers and strategies for campaigns with thorough business understanding in addition to the varied and rich experience on the technical side. He can definitely be a value of big-ticket size accounts. Data analysis and numbers will be his forte. He may take up ownership of holistic technical strategy and planning.
  11. What are the tools you use and the platforms you work on?

    Design - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD, Sketch Digital Marketing - SFMC, Marketo, Mail Chimp, Adobe, Pardot, Semrush, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Hubspot, Ahrefs. Development - HTML/CSS, SCSS, jQuery, JavaScript, WordPress, PHP, Angular, Python.
  12. What are the PMS tools you use?

    We use PMS tools like Teamwork and ProofHub internally. However, we are always ready to accommodate with the tool your team is more comfortable with. We also have experience working with Jira, BaseCamp, Trello, WorkFront, Wrike and many more. Hence, getting accustomed to your PMS is not a problem for us.
  13. Who will be a part of my team?

    The composition of your team is completely in your hands. We provide you with the flexibility to decide the mix of your team, the number of members you need and for what duration.
  14. What projects can I hire the team for?

    We can help you hire dedicated teams for Digital Marketing, Email, Web & Landing Pages Development, Design and Marketing Automation.
  15. Does Uplers have its own team? Or do you sub-contract or outsource resources?

    Uplers has its own team of 500+ resources. We are one of the largest and most well-established agencies in the industry. All our team is in-house and on our payroll.
  16. Who is going to manage my team?

    The best part about hiring a dedicated team with us is that it comes with shared ownership no matter what. This means that Uplers will always remain in the picture to help you with any challenges or issues that you might be facing. To answer the question, we provide options to hire a Project Manager /Team Leader to manage your team or if you're comfortable you can directly manage your team.
  17. Will I have a project manager?

    Having a project manager is completely your choice. In case you want to opt to have a project manager you can always hire a part-time or full-time Project Manager. You also have the choice to manage your team on your own.
  18. Will I get a dedicated Project Manager for my team?

    A dedicated Project Manager is optional and can be hired as per your requirement. We will stay in touch with you and the team at all times. In case you are facing any challenges, we will assign a temporary project manager to resolve the issues at no additional cost.
  19. Can I manage my own team?

    Sure. You can manage your team. On top of it, we will always remain available to assist you with any challenges or issues that you may face and will always be responsible to resolve it.
  20. How do I know who is a part of my team?

    Upon confirmation & selection of teams, we will introduce you to each member of your team by sharing their profiles across an email.
  21. Can I interview resources for my team?

    Working with our dedicated teams gives you the benefit to directly communicate with an efficient project manager, who will look after understanding all your requirements and assist you at all times. However, in some cases, we do make an exception for interviewing candidates in case you wish to discuss some important technical aspects.
  22. Will the teams work only for me?

    That’s the benefit you receive when working with us. The teams you hire will work dedicatedly for you, without any distractions.
  23. What is the benefit of working with a dedicated team?

    • Power to build your own teams
    • Effortless & smooth
    • Access to a pool of resources
    • Quick turnaround time
    • Reduction of annual operating cost
    • Improved productivity
    • Strong and reliable partnership
    • Better performance & efficiency level
    • Complete control over the project
  24. How do you match me with the right resources for my project?

    Our internal system connects you to the most appropriate resources after thoroughly assessing your project’s requirement. This is based on a combination of factors such as levels of expertise, skill sets, abilities and years of experience.
  25. What will be my team’s location?

    Your team's location will be our secured office in India. You can communicate, assign tasks and take follow-ups smoothly with the help of applications like Skype, Slack, and Hangout.
  26. Are there any costs associated with setting up a team?

    You’d be pleased to hear that there are absolutely no costs associated with setting up a team. We don’t charge any upfront fee to set-up your team. You’ll only have to pay the monthly amount as per the final agreement.
  27. Is it possible to choose team members based on our requirements?

    We make the selection process simpler for you by providing the right talent for the right requirement. We also provide you with the option of hiring a cross-functional team based on your specific requirements.
  28. How do you make sure the teams assigned to me will fit my needs?

    We understand the criticality of our role to match your needs with the right talent. On the one hand, we invest enough time to understand your needs very clearly. On the other hand, all our team members go through a thorough training & vetting process in regards to their soft skills & technical skills. This, in turn, helps us to provide you with the right talent as per your needs. Our onboarding specialist also ensures that all your needs are taken care of. Apart from that, we take continuous feedback from clients to ensure that they are satisfied with the talent. However, if in any case, you are not happy with the performance of the talent you have selected, we'll be happy to replace them with other members of our team.
  29. How long does it take to build a team?

    Building a team from scratch takes 2-4 weeks. A team is built depending on the availability of the right resources. The team can be built in less than 2 weeks in case the resource you need is available to join immediately. However, it may take more than 2 weeks in case the right resource is engaged in some other commitment.
  30. How quickly can I start working with my dedicated team?

    You can start working with your team in 2-4 weeks.
  31. Is there a minimum contract duration for working with a team?

    Yes, there is a 3 months contract with a 30 days notice period.
  32. Can the team come to our project site?

    Knowing your team and working closely with them is something we encourage whenever possible. We have in many instances sent the teams to visit their partners on-site. The visit can be arranged with proper notice and agreement beforehand. We are happy to send our resources to your company for a short visit during the first year for which we will take 50% of the expenses on ourselves. However, you will need to bear all the expenses, in case you need the talent to stay for a longer period. On completion of working for 2 years with the same team members, we will be happy to pay 100% of the expenses for the trip.
  33. Can I hire a team of developers?

    Yes, we can surely provide you with a team of developers. Our development team is perfectly qualified to help you with Email Development, Front-end/HTML Development, Wordpress / Hubspot Development, PHP Development and so on.
  34. Can I hire a cross-functional digital marketing team?

    Yes, you can hire a cross-functional digital marketing team that can include an SEO specialist, an SEM Specialist or an Email Expert. Assembling your team is completely in your hand.
  35. Do you have an option for part-time hiring?

    Yes. You can either hire a part-time resource for a minimum of 40 hours a month or a full-time resource.
  36. Can I hire more than one dedicated team?

    Yes. Partnering with us provides you with the opportunity to hire multiple teams for multiple projects at the same time.
  37. I’m only looking for one resource. Can you help?

    In some cases, we do provide a single resource or resources up to 2. However, if it's a small team, we always suggest having partial involvement of the project manager as a part of the team.
  38. I need a large team. Can you help?

    Yes, we can definitely help. We have many clients who have built a team of 20+ people with us. The larger your team gets, the more cost benefits you receive. It's also easy to manage a complete team with all the necessary skill sets.
  39. My requirement/project is urgent. Can you help?

    If your requirement is urgent, you can always opt for our Project Model for this specific need while we deploy a dedicated team for you.?Know more about our different models!
  40. What do you offer that other service providers don’t?

    We are different from other service providers in two ways:
    1. Our Dedicated Model - We have mastered the art of deploying a dedicated team for our clients. Our transparent processes, tools & our performance-based compensation package for talent is what sets us apart.
    2. Our Talent - We work towards selecting the best talent for you. Our top talent goes through a thorough vetting process before getting selected.

IP Rights & Security

  1. How is the confidentiality of shared information maintained after the project is over?

    We have strong compliance and network security in places like Active Directory. We have IP restricted access to our systems. We can also limit access within our premises.
  2. How can I ensure the safety of my Intellectual Property rights?

    You stay the owner of your idea and product and that is a part of our standard agreement.
  3. Who has the legal rights to the work created by the Uplers team?

    The client has the legal rights to all the work created by the teams.
  4. Who will have the code?

    The client will have the code.
  5. What measures do you take for the maintenance & safety of IT security and firewall?

    Uplers is in the process of acquiring an ISO -27001 certification. There are IP restrictions on all our devices with firewall protection. Our premises are secured with biometric machines and we can also provide you with the option to house teams in separate individual cabins for which only assigned team members can have access.
  6. How do you ensure the safety of physical security assets?

    All our offices are installed with biometric machines, which means no outsider can enter the premises without verification. Our premises are also under 24/7 CCTV surveillance which helps in monitoring activities and keeping records. We provide limited access to limited cabins so that not everyone can have access to important documents or properties. Our offices are also equipped with lockers and security guards that protect the premises at all times.

Pricing & Payments

  1. What is the cost of your services?

    Please refer to our pricing to know more about the cost of our services.
  2. What modes of payment do you accept?

    We currently accept bank transfers and PayPal.
  3. Can you help me estimate the average hourly rate of the resources you provide?

    The average hourly rate ranges from $15 - $35. Although cost is just a measure, we encourage clients to partner with us based on our quality and experience.
  4. When will I be charged?

    You will be billed at the beginning of each month.
  5. What currency do you bill in?

    Billing depends on your region. We currently bill our invoices in US Dollars, AU Dollars, and GBP.
  6. Is there a deposit to pay?

    None whatsoever.
  7. Will there be any cancellation fees if I decide to stop working with you?

    There is no cancellation fee whatsoever. Just let us know a month in advance so we can wrap things up.
  8. Do you have any money-back policy?

    We do provide a two-week trial for you to work with the team and observe if the arrangement is working for you. However, a money-back guarantee is not possible here.
  9. Will I receive any benefit in case I make an advance payment?

    Yes. You get a discount of 2.50% off in case you make a quarterly advance payment. 5% off in case you make half-yearly advance payment and 10% off if you make a yearly advance payment.
  10. Will I get any concession in case I hire a large team?

    Yes. In case you hire a team with more than 3 members, you are eligible for a 5% discount. You will get 10% off if you hire a team of more than 5 members and 15% off if you hire a team of more than 10.


  1. Does Uplers build teams on demand?

    Yes, we surely build teams on demand. We work towards scaling and building dedicated teams for the success of your business goals.
  2. What if I need my team to work overtime?

    We do not encourage working overtime. However, if a task is on a high-priority and the need for the same arises, the team may work overtime depending on their availability and their discretion.
  3. How do you ensure quality resources that meet our requirements?

    • We follow a careful screening and selection process to do everything in our capacity to provide you with the best resources and find the best talent for your team.
    • We screen for language skills, personality traits, and domain-specific knowledge. We aim to find the best communicator and the best task manager for your project.
  4. What will happen if a team member is unavailable for the days they are scheduled to work with me?

    All our talent’s leaves are approved by you. We try our best to make sure that this does not happen. However, if such a situation arises, we will assign a different resource who is the next best fit for your project requirements.
  5. What do you do if the client is not satisfied with your resource performance?

    We assure you of our complete support in the case of such an event. We will address your issues and make a sincere effort to solve them. However, if the problem still exists, we will be happy to bring in someone else who may be a better fit for your project.
  6. Can I visit my dedicated team at your offices?

    Undoubtedly yes. We will be happy to have you in our office at any point. Also, the coffee is on us.
  7. Who should I talk to if I have more questions?

    We’d be happy to answer any queries you have.?Get In touch
  8. Will English be a barrier when working with the resources/teams of Uplers?

    Almost all of our members are fluent in English. However, this should not be a problem as the dedicated Project Coordinators or Project Managers are fluent and will ensure the communication process flows smoothly.
  9. If I have a team of 5 ppl, and if I want to change one of the expertise/resources in the middle of the contract, what do I do?

    We give all our clients the choice to change any of their resources in the middle of the contract. We then provide the client with the next best resource that may be a better fit for your project's needs.
  10. Is there a trial period when hiring dedicated resources?

    We do provide a two-week trial for you to work with the team. However, this trial is not a free one. You always have an option to opt-out of this arrangement by giving 30 days’ notice. This gives you the time to observe and understand if the engagement will be successful. You can go ahead and continue the partnership if you’re completely satisfied with the results. If not, we can provide you with another expert who may be a better fit.
  11. How do I get started?

    Book an appointment with any of our executives and we’ll get on a call with you. Let us know all your requirements along with the level of expertise and experience preferred. We will set you up with the best resources and help you get started.
  12. What will be the mode of communication used?

    Email, Skype, Slack, Hangout, PMS or any other form of communication comfortable for you and the resources. We encourage video calls as well, as we have found that aids the conversation.
  13. Do you provide local time-zone support?

    We do provide local time-zone support. However, you will be charged 10% extra if you need your team to work on Australian or Singapore timezone. And 20% extra for United States time zone support.
  14. Will I be able to work with teams in my local hours?

    Working with teams on your local hours is possible. However, there exists a 10% extra charge for Australian & Singapore time and a 20% extra charge for the US.
  15. Is there a way that the developers can assist me with QA?

    Our developers are equipped to help you with all the tasks. However, hiring a QA expert will make a better impact altogether. A dedicated QA will assure smooth results throughout.
  16. Will the hired team give 100% of their time?

    We follow 100% transparent practices here. Our talent will be happy to do a time entry in your preferred tool or our system and we will send you the time tracking every week. This will give you a complete idea of where the time is utilized and if there are any hours that are not utilized. Moreover, as per our process and practices - your dedicated team member will inform you personally if they have any time left on a real-time basis.
  17. Can you tell me about the Standard operating procedure you follow?

    Upon receiving a request from the client, we work to handpick the right fit for the project. Our internal team has tools and rating systems in place, built on the feedback about our resources by our 5000+ customers to help connect you to the best resource. Upon confirmation, our onboarding specialist will help you set-up and introduce you to your team.
  18. What is the ramp-up period in case we want to add additional people?

    It will take 2-4 weeks in case you need additional people to join your team.
  19. What is the training process in regard to the Standard Operating Procedure & Service Level Agreement?

    Our onboarding specialist will help you set up and align everything between the team and the client. They will take responsibility for the processes and the SOP documents and also train the team for it.
  20. How does your training process work? Is there any English language training?

    'Continuous Improvement' is one of our core values and we have a dedicated Learning & Training department to help our team upskill continuously. We provide training starting from language skills, technical skills and professional etiquette for distributed teams and more. The training goes up to a level where we train our team members for when to say 'No', and push back rather than over-committing. Although we do focus on language skills and understand its importance, our primary focus lays on imparting strong interpretation and logic skills which help the team make sound decisions about your projects.
  21. How will they get more exposure and better learning?

    Our focus lies heavily on our L&T operations. We have a designated L&T center that works towards the upliftment and betterment of our people. We stay on top of industry trends and collate guest lectures, online courses and certifications to be in sync with the current market. Our R&D & L&T department works together to keep us updated with all the latest skills demanded by the industry for which the members can enroll themselves. We take it as our responsibility to provide them with better learning and training through a more holistic approach.
  22. How will the performance evaluation be conducted for the teams?

    We have quarterly performance evaluations in place wherein we assess the technical and functional aspects of a team's performance. We highly value the client’s views and take monthly feedback from them too. Upon understanding the feedback from both ends, we train the teams in the areas where they are lacking.
  23. How do you ensure team stability and retention?

    Our organization boasts an 85% employee retention rate. We owe this to the culture of our organization. Our culture of all-inclusivity, employee contribution and equal opportunities for all are what sets us apart. We take pride in having built a happy workplace for all our employees. Our resources will also receive a bonus amount every quarter from the profits of projects they have worked on.
  24. How does the client onboarding process work?

    Upon selection & confirmation, our onboarding specialist will help you set-up and introduce you to your team. They will draft all the documents and train all the resources to be a part of your team.
  25. Can we train the teams before the project starts?

    Yes, you can train your team as required.
  26. Will I receive any report for work done?

    Yes, our Project Managers will provide you with hourly reports of the work done. If needed, we can also provide you with weekly and monthly reports.
  27. Will you take responsibility if my team doesn’t work as expected?

    Uplers will take complete ownership and responsibility at all times. We will ensure we find you a solution in case your team doesn’t work as expected.
  28. Are there any financial motivations/gifts that are expected by the team for their good work?

    No. We do not expect you to provide any financial motivation or gifts to the team. All the teams will be on our payroll and they will not be allowed to accept any special gifts from the clients unless consented by the company.
  29. Where will my team be deployed?

    Your team will be deployed and working from our offices in India. Situated in Ahmedabad, India, our office boasts a modern infrastructure and facilities spread across an area of 40,000sq.ft.
  30. Will the teams report monthly work progress and analytics?

    The teams will share detailed reports on monthly and even a weekly report if needed. They will also track results and share analytics with you on a continuous basis.
  31. Are the resources certified?

    Answer - Not all the resources would be certified, depending upon the expertise and the level of difficulty, certified resources fall under the experienced or expert category.